Generate Local Credentials from AWS

How to generate local credentials from your storage bucket provider to work with Aquarium


Aquarium works with local credential files for both AWS and GCP! If your data is stored in a location outside of one of these two providers please contact Aquarium for a recommendation!

Steps to Generate a Local Credentials File

You can access it by searching "IAM" in the AWS console top bar to get to the Identity and Access Management page.

To access the User tab, you will need proper permissions. Otherwise, you can create a new user with the appropriate access policy (AmazonS3ReadOnlyAccess should be sufficient)

Click on a user, then click on the security credentials tab. You'll see a place where you can create an access key for that user:

Alternatively, if you already use AWS utilities on the commandline and have your local awscli configured, they can just point aquarium at that file, and it'll read from there when needed:

# Should be here

As a step towards doing that, you'll had to have created a personal access key (you as a root user tied to your email login, not a virtual IAM user).There's a dropdown in the very top-right which has an option called "Security credentials." Clicking on that will get you to a very similar page, where you can create access keys for your root user:image.png

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